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The Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Medio Vinalopó Adoptamics is a non-profit association, founded in Novelda (Alicante) in April 2009. It meets all the requirements demanded by law and it has been incorporated into the Registry of Associations, Novelda. The main objectives of Adoptamics are to contribute to the improvement and promotion of, as well as to lobby, for animal welfare. Unfortunately, up until now in Spain animals have not been treated with the respect they deserve. They have been used to satisfy the needs of human beings. This culture of ‘cruelty towards animals’ has meant that many animals die at a very young age or through human induced trauma.

Because of this, Adoptamics vigorously denounces abuse, as well as abandonment of animals. In fact, we strongly reject this kind of treatment to animals. Abandonment is not only a problem that affects animals in particular, but also society in general because it degrades the place of animals in nature and dehumanises the value of domestic pets. So, one of our main goals is to promote responsible adoption of abandoned animals.

Our association believes that it is necessary to promote responsible adoptions of abandoned animals. This is because society needs to be made aware of the grave problem that human negligence causes to animals. Also, to make adoptees aware of the fact that adoption of an animal means a series of responsibilities and obligations for life. Another of the objective of Adoptamics is to build a refuge to accommodate the constant flow of abandoned animals.

We are taking the necessary steps to construct this shelter in Novelda. Currently, the association is functioning, thanks to the collaboration of those people that take abandoned animals into their homes (half way houses). Nevertheless, our final objective is to provide a refuge that suits the needs of the area. Adoptamics defends the idea that any animal will not be put down unless its physical condition prevents it from living a decent life (we take into account cases of terminal diseases, irreversible pathologies or accidents that preclude the possibility of recovery and always under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon).

Finally, the main goal of our recently founded association is to act as an incentive for those people that believe in respect for Nature in general and to animals in particular. These must be the principles that any civilized society of XXI century adhere to. Consequently, we hope our efforts will open the eyes of all those that are still not aware of the problems associated with the abandonment and abuse of animals. For all these reasons we have to say that the work of this association is inspired by a deep love, as well as respect for animals and on the strong conviction that human beings are not the jewel of Creation, rather they are only a link in the chain of life.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Mahatma Gandhi