Ways in which you can help us

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There are many ways in which you can help us. You only have to choose the one that suits you best. If you would like more information about some of the sections or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail to adoptamics_vinalopo@yahoo.es and we will be happy to help you.


Sponsorship is the ideal option for those people that want to adopt an animal but can’t for several reasons: they may already have too many animals at home and they don’t have room for more, they aren’t allowed to have animals at home, they are allergic to them, they don’t have time to look after them, etc. If you choose to sponsor an animal, we keep the animal but you maintain it. You will be able to visit the animal whenever you wish, take it for a walk (if it is a dog) and enjoy its company. You can contact us by email to find out how the animal is, or, we can send you periodical emails with an update, photos, etc. Your sponsorship money allows us to feed the animal and take care of it. This care comes in the form of veterinary attention, etc.

The advantages for both you and the animal are that you giving it the opportunity to be happy in a new home, particularly if it was abandoned. Visits to the animal are at your choice, they are not obligatory. Bear in mind that many of these animals that are sponsored are frightened or traumatized. Sometimes these animals have been in fights with other animals or have been the victim of cruelty.

The minimum installment is 5 euros per month. If you wish and you can afford it, this installment could be higher. The payment can be made every 3 months (15 €), six months (30 €) or yearly (60 €).

If you want to sponsor, click the following link and fill out the application form with your details: Application form for members and volunteers

And remember, with only 5 euros per month you will be saving a life.


Adoptamics operates exclusively with members and volunteers they are the fundamental basis of our association. If you also want to help us and don’t know how, there are many ways you can collaborate with us:

Directly with animals:

  •  Clean the cages and other areas, walk the animals, bath them, give medication to those animals that need it, help to feed puppies and kittens, etc.
  • If you have a car we also need people to take animals to the veterinary clinics and canine hairdresser, to visit people who have expressed an interest in adoption to make sure that they meet requirements for adoption, or to check on animals that have been adopted.
  •  Visit colonies of cats, to take them food and water. To check the state of the health of cats in these colonies. To help to capture cats who need veterinary attention.

Other Ways of Helping:

  • Campaigns: Help organise events and workshops in schools and other education centres. Recruit new members, potential adoptees and volunteers.
  • Administrative: Manage the animals, attend to the telephone or, in person to the people who come to our refuge.
  • In the street: collect signatures, sell raffle tickets, tee-shirts, calendars, plaques, etc.
  • Help with the preparation of events: collect second hand items for sale at the street markets, put up and take down stands. If you have a café, bar, discotec, etc., you could let us organize a fund raising event.
  • If you like working with the computer you can prepare notices, PowerPoint presentations (for schools and to coincide with campaigns), information brochures, etc.
  • And, if you think your professional expertise could help us (veterinary, canine hairdresser, animal trainer, information technology, public relations, print shop) do not hesitate to contact us.

 To become a volunteer click on the following link and complete your details: General application form for Volunteers


If you wish to help animals in a more personal and direct way, this could be the best way for you. You can make your home available for an animal in need. Sometimes we have animals that require special treatment: because they are kittens or puppies and need to be bottle fed; or perhaps they have just had an operation and require post-operative care; or, animals that have been traumatized and find it difficult to live with other animals.

You take an animal whenever you wish and for a period of time decided by you: a weekend, a week, a month, etc or until we find an adoption home. We look for adoptees but you can also help out by asking your family and friends in the hope of finding the animal a new home.

Anyone who takes an animal into their home not only provides the basic care such as a roof over its head, food and the necessary hygiene, but also provides it with the affection necessary to help the animal socialize and overcome the trauma that being abandoned creates. Many animals recover confidence in humans in halfway houses. Also for people who have children it helps to teach them to be responsible for another life, a lesson that will never be forgotten.

We don’t have a refuge in which to keep animals. Any dogs and cats that are handed over to us are shared between different volunteers and their halfway houses. For this reason we need many more halfway houses so that we can save more abandoned animals. We cannot let abandoned animals be returned to the street if we can overcome the situation. This type of help is URGENT, to offer your home as a halfway house send an email to adoptamics_vinalopo@yahoo.es


Our association functions exclusively thanks to member contributions, donations, etc. The minimum donation is 5 euros a month. This amount of money only covers the basic necessities of our animals: food, hygienic products (anti parasite pastes and sprays, etc.) vaccinations, blood tests, operations for those animals that require them, etc. The money also goes toward the construction of our future refuge and to finance educational campaigns for young people.

If you wish to become a member click on the following link: Application form for members and volunteers.


Regular Donations

You can become a regular donor, your money contributes to giving an abandoned animal a dignified life, it also helps to give them a second chance and it helps us to expand our associations and its activities so that we can achieve our objectives. Remember that each small donation goes toward the creation of a refuge for abandoned animals in Novelda. You can choose the amount you wish to donate. All donations can be made to the following account:

 C.A.M. (IBAN ES42):  2090-5002-01-0200116111

Please add your name and surname and indicate the purpose of your donation.

 Donations of goods

Should you have goods to donate send us an email: adoptamics_vinalopo@yahoo.es you only have to inform us of what you want to donate and if you wish us to collect it.

  • For the street market: if you have second hand items such as: clothes, ornaments, books, watches and clocks, small electric appliances, DVDs, games, household items, etc. don’t throw them out we can use them for fund raising activities. We sell new and second hand goods.
  •  Food: sacks or bags of dry food, cans of food, candies, etc. (for both dogs and cats)
  • Hygienic goods: kitty litter, cleaning products for refuges (bleach, scrubbers, sponges, mops, buckets), animal shampoos, brushes, parasite sprays such as Frontline, etc.
  • Things for animals: chains, collars, harnesses, toys, etc. Second hand goods are also appreciated.
  • Carrying baskets, blankets, kennels, mattresses, beds, (these things help us to keep the animals warm and comfortable during the winter months)
  • First aid items for sick and wounded animals: alcohol, gauze, syringes, antibiotics, iodine, gloves, serums, hand towels, cotton wool, bandages, anti parasite pastes and sprays.
  • Construction materials for the future refuge: cement, bricks, floor tiles, paint, etc.
  • Office/administrative materials: paper, ink, stamps, files. Should you have an old computer, printer or keyboard, don’t throw it out, we can find a use for it. Also, old office tables or chairs.